The official launch date has not been finalised however we are balancing the community’s desire for a boxing game with making sure that we deliver the best possible experience.

Yes! Although we already have the most expansive roster of any boxing game in history, we’ll continue to expand the roster with active and retired boxers as time goes on.

Yes, ESBC will feature an in-depth character creator function.

ESBC will feature an in-depth career mode, and we plan to release a story mode at some point post-launch.

 Yes, we have licensed the prestigious WBC green and gold belt as well as the IBF world title. The Ring Magazine title will also be up for grabs. We have also licensed national belts such as the coveted Lord Londsdale challenge title.

We’re planning to launch across XBOX One, XBOX One Series S/X, PS4 and PS5, and PC. Release dates are to be confirmed.

Yes, recognised brands such as Empire Pro Tape, Reyes, and others will feature in the game.

Yes, as part of our Seasons model, we will continue to add fighters and more post-launch.

Yes, this will play a big role within ESBC. Your career mode fighter will have to be managed with the quality of your corner team for this aspect.

Current plans include exhibition fights & ranked leaderboards. We will be holding officially licensed world championships which will involve the WBC & Ring Magazine.

Yes, we’re going to be introducing a boxer sharing feature.

We’re not ready to discuss the price of the game yet but we’re focused on making the best game possible to ensure value for money.

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