Our aim is to launch within the coming months. The game will be launched in to Early Access via Steam. The official launch date has not been finalised however we are balancing the community’s desire for a boxing game with making sure that we deliver the best possible experience.

Whilst we do have hall-of-fame fighters and current world champions, we are constantly increasing our roster. Our goal is to have the best fighters in the game both past and present. We have a number of Legends that we will be announcing up to launch.

Yes, ESBC will feature an in-depth character creator function.

 ESBC will feature an in-depth career mode, to a level that will be new for the genre. We have plans to introduce a full story mode as an update, once the final release is launched.

 Yes, we have licensed the prestigious WBC green and gold belt as well as the IBF world title. The Ring Magazine title will also be up for grabs. We have also licensed national belts such as the coveted Lord Londsdale challenge title.

Yes, knockouts will feel realistic, we are developing this to a level that feels……satisfying!

Yes, we are planning to launch across XBOX One, XBOX One Series S/X, PS4 & PS5. Release dates are to be confirmed..

Yes, brands such as Empire Pro Tape among others will feature in the game.

Yes, as part of our Seasons model, we will be continually adding fighters to the game.

Yes, this will play a big role within ESBC. Your career mode fighter will have to be managed with the quality of your corner team for this aspect.

Current plans include exhibition fights & ranked leaderboards. We will be holding officially licensed world championships which will involve the WBC & Ring Magazine

Yes! Eddie is due to fight this year and we are in talks with many other established athletes with a boxing pedigree to be included in ESBC.

Yes, we are implementing a boxer share feature within our Early Access release.

The world of boxing is an incredibly complex environment. The concept of licensing a single deal with an overall body does not exist so we have to negotiate individual deals. However, this wasn’t going to detract us from trying to achieve the “impossible”.

Yes, we will be releasing another trailer prior to launch. Our priorities are to put all available resources in to developing the best possible game. With this being said, you can find plenty of content around the game on our social media channels.