ESBCs First Community Event

Hey fight fans,

We’re excited to share that we are preparing to host our first ever Esports Boxing Club community event! We’ve invited six creators from the community to visit us and play ESBC a couple of weeks from now. Check out all the details below.

What are we doing and why?

Creators are visiting us for a first look at ESBC gameplay. The dev team is making great progress and we think it’s the right time to put ESBC in the hands of a few community members. It will be an opportunity to play the game over a couple of days, ask questions, and bring back some impressions from their experience. We’ll also chat about how we can work together to continue to build a community of passionate boxing fans and gamers everyone will want to be part of for years to come.

Our UK based creators will be joining us at the Steel City Interactive studio in Sheffield, while US creators will visit North Carolina to play.

Who is taking part? 

We’ve spent time in the last few months building relationships with several creators in our community. We’ve hosted Zoom chats and had fantastic discussions about the kind of community we envision for ESBC and how creators are helping build the foundation of something great.

The following creators were chosen to take part in this first event based on their consistent contributions and presence in ESBC discussions, enthusiasm and passion for boxing, and a desire to help grow the boxing community.


The Coach’s Corner


Boxing Fanatico

ShowBizz the Adult

Concept Reece

If you’re a creator and are not on this list, don’t worry! We are just getting started and while this is our first ever event, it will not be our last. We will continue to create opportunities for ESBC creators and look for ways to collaborate with more of you.

If you are creating ESBC related content and haven’t been in touch with us yet, be sure to join our Discord server and apply for the Creator role. We’d love to chat with you.

When is this happening?

It’s possible you might see short social media updates from creators and the official ESBC channels while they are with us, but we want our visitors to be able to focus on the event and have asked them not to share their impressions until after they are back at home. You will begin to see their content on 28 March.

Since the foundation of ESBC is authentic boxing gameplay, we’ve made that the specific focus of this event. That means you’ll hear impressions about how the game plays between the ropes, but not about other areas of the game. We’ll save that for another time.

Be sure to send your gameplay related questions to creators. You can also post them in our questions channel on Discord where we’ll be collecting them to touch on as much information as possible with our visitors.

Thanks for your continued support and belief in ESBC. As always, keep an eye on our socials for ESBC updates.

– Team SCI